Gnomy's Boo Boo Bears

Gnomy's Boo Boo Bears are natural hand painted 100% magical batik fabric so each Boo Boo Bear is unique. Boo Boo Bears are all natural, reusable and great for both heat and cold therapy. But Boo Boo Bears do not like water, not at all!

3rd Book from Anita Telle on it’s way

by Anita Telle on July 7, 2013

Anita Telle’s latest book “Old But Not Expired”OldcoverHR is a cheery picture book intended to teach children an important moral: their elders can be both wise and fun. In this story, two young turtles visit their great-grandfather in a nursing home and learn some clever games from him. The story in couched within the frame of a bedtime story being told by Gnomy, a character reprising this role in previous picture books. Children will enjoy the straightforward language and story and will have the chance to learn an invaluable lesson – and some new games.

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