Gnomy's Boo Boo Bears

Gnomy's Boo Boo Bears are natural hand painted 100% magical batik fabric so each Boo Boo Bear is unique. Boo Boo Bears are all natural, reusable and great for both heat and cold therapy. But Boo Boo Bears do not like water, not at all!

Praise for Anita Telle’s Books For Children

The series of books this author is creating are engaging, well written, beautifully presented with delightful artistic flavor. Children love the message! They create a platform to have those tough conversations with sensitivity and clarity. I believe this caliber of content and presentation should be on every child’s book shelf!
– Kimber

A Little Different, All Perfect

This is a beautifully written and illustrated book for children that teaches about acceptance and anti-bullying. This is a perfect book to read to your child and to give to your child’s classroom. Awesome message at a time where we ALL need to hear it!
– Valerie

I loved this book, I liked the whole thing, I learned not to be mean to people and tease.
Jacob (8 years old) California

My favorite part of the book was the end, because the horse is very fast. If I was going to change anything about this book, I would change that they don’t laugh at the baby horse, because it doesen’t matter what you look like.
Alex (9 years old) California

A friend of mine purchased A Little Different All Perfect for her kids. She raved about it over and over again so I made a note to buy it as we’re about to have our first child and I wanted it to start the reading habit right away. We were so busy preparing for our first one here that I forgot to order it. Wouldn’t you know it that my friend bought us a copy and after I read it, I now know first hand why she was raving about it in the first place. This book has exactly the positive message that you want your child to get right away, and it is delivered in such an entertaining way. I’m sure our child will love it, and I highly recommend it to anyone…for their kids, or as that perfect gift to an expecting mother.
– Al Bargen

My mom got her Gnomy book (A little different all perfect) and we got to read it to the kids over the weekend. What an adorable book and I love the message! You are quite talented and I could feel your heart in it. So sweet!
– Allana, Colorado

Just getting a bit of practice in. The baby will be here any day now and the first book I’m going to read to the little guy is “A Little Different All Perfect, this book should be in every school!
Al, Canada

Always Time For Kindness

I am at a restaurant waiting for my wife, I just read your book, Always Time for Kindness. What a beautiful story, and how special a way to teach children. Bless you Anita!
Doug, California

I love the little characters and the wonderful message told through the story. At a time when people are so rushed that they do not always think of others, this is a great reminder that it does not take much time or effort to make someone feel special. This is a perfect book to read to your child and to give to your child’s classroom.
– Mrs Freer, Teacher

It’s a delightful story about learning to listen to your inner-self, and care about others. I loved the book and recommend it highly.
– Mrs Kloepfer, Teacher