Gnomy's Boo Boo Bears

Gnomy's Boo Boo Bears are natural hand painted 100% magical batik fabric so each Boo Boo Bear is unique. Boo Boo Bears are all natural, reusable and great for both heat and cold therapy. But Boo Boo Bears do not like water, not at all!

Press Releases

Anita Telle, president of ASTI Life announces that 20 percent of all gross sales of the Gnomy Boo Boo Bear, the beautiful, handmade stuffed bear created as a natural heat and cool therapy for simple aches and pains of children will be donated to Operation Smile, an international children’s medical charity. The charitable donations will be an ongoing support to the organization that has been making a difference in the lives of children since 1982. Operation Smile is a mobilized force of medical professionals and caring individuals that help provide safe and effective reconstructive surgery for children around the world who are born with facial deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates. Every three minutes, it is estimated that a child is born with a cleft. To date, the organization has provided a new chance at life for over 150,000 children and young adults. Ms. Telle, the founder of ASTI Life, together with her now 8-year-old son Branden who was born with a cleft lip/palate are very excited to donate some of the proceeds of the little bear to this wonderful and personally important charity.

The Gnomy Boo Boo Bear is handmade in Santa Cruz, CA of 100% Cotton Batik fabric picked by Branden, filled with rice and has the faces hand drawn by Ms. Telle. Heated mildly in a microwave the wonderful moist heat can sooth a child’s small boo boo’s. Placed into a freezer bag and then into the freezer it also offers comforting coolness. Filled with care, love and little bit of magic the Gnomy Boo Boo Bear is a friendly, natural healing companion helping little kids feel better when they get a boo boo.

ASTI Life offers a line of all natural skin care products as well as the Gnomy Boo Boo Bear. The product line including ASTI Rescue, ASTI Restore, ASTI Clear, ASTI Relief, and Pau Kiki aids in the relief of common problems associated with a variety of simple skin and nail disorders and ailments. For additional information and a full description of all products and testimonials please call or visit our website.

Anita Telle
ASTI Life/Gnomy Boo Boo Bear

Gnomy and the Boo Boo Bears Learn Everyone is Perfect in Their Own Way

New Children’s Book Offers a Reassuring Story about not Judging People for how they Look

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA — (February 1, 2012) — Come discover the magical world of Gnomy and the Boo Boo bears as they delight in story time each night.

Gnomy, a good hearted mystical gnome, lives under a magical redwood tree in California. Through his storytelling, Gnomy shares wonderful life lessons with his magical friends, the Boo Boo Bears.

In A Little Different All Perfect, Gnomy tells the Boo Boo Bears a heartwarming tale that takes place on a cold, snowy February morning. Jumpy the squirrel and Annabel the farm cat were especially excited that morning because they were going to visit their friend Horsy, who was going to name her new foal.

Cowy, Piggy, Turkey Rooster, Sheep-Sheep and Bark also gathered in the barn. Horsy was especially proud of her perfect little guy and was excited to show him off to her friends. But Turkey noticed his legs were different – one was bigger than the other. The whole gang laughed in amazement, embarrassing the little foal.

Realizing what they’ve done, Jumpy encourages the gang to focus on the foal’s positives — a perfectly shaped head, big beautiful eyes and so much more!  The friends gather around the stable and play a game called “What I Like About You,” sharing the most wonderful things they could think of about each other.

In the newly released children’s book, A Little Different All Perfect, first-time author Anita Telle offers a simple, reassuring story about not judging people for the way they look. Featuring full-color illustrations, teachers across the country are hailing A Little Different All Perfect a valuable educational tool. “I read the book to my students and asked them what they learned from the story. They said: ‘think before you speak,’ ‘don’t tease,’ ‘use kind words’ and ‘nobody is perfect.’ I think the lesson was well received,” said Janet Swanson, a third grade teacher at Valencia Elementary School in Aptos, CA.  “I applaud Anita’s efforts to foster acceptance and respect for children who may possess physical differences, A little Different All Perfect offers a unique opportunity to explore this topic with younger children through an engaging, whimsical story filled with delifhtful characters.” Steve Patterson, Principal Baymonte Christian School.

Telle’s second book, Always Time for Kindness, is scheduled to be released Christmas 2012.