Gnomy's Boo Boo Bears

Gnomy's Boo Boo Bears are natural hand painted 100% magical batik fabric so each Boo Boo Bear is unique. Boo Boo Bears are all natural, reusable and great for both heat and cold therapy. But Boo Boo Bears do not like water, not at all!

Boo Boo Bears

Gnomy is offering his magical Boo Boo Bears for only $16.99 each!

You have made it to the magical realm of Gnomy’s Boo Boo Bears. Adoption of one of Gnomy’s Boo Boo Bears is very simple. Just click on the add to cart buttons to begin your Boo Boo Bear adoption process. You will be taken to the PayPal secure server to complete your adoption process. Gnomy will typically create you Boo Boo Bear within 2 days and send your Boo Boo Bear to you via US Mail. You may also contact us here if you have any further questions. As always, shipping and handling is only $6.95 to the USA.

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  • Gnomy's Boo Boo Bear - Autum


    Hi there, I’m Autum and I love to paint, for Christmas Gnomy gave me a wonderful set of paint brushes, so now I paint everything. I paint pictures of what I see, I paint pictures of what is in my imagination, Even if I see that some of the flowers are a little dull, I paint them; that makes them so happy.. You know the paint I use is magical, so I don’t hurt the flowers when I paint them, just make them extra special. I hope you and I can paint together, that would be super fun..

  • Gnomy's Boo Boo Bear - Bluey


    Hi there, I'm Bluey and I'm just thrilled that you stopped by to see me. My favorite thing to do is to read books. I can't get enough of them. I love to bring a blanket down to the beach, lay in the sun and read my books. Often Candy the albatross stops by to visit with me. We like to read together. I hope that one day I will have a chance to read with you!

  • Gnomy's Boo Boo Bear - Camo


    Hi there, I’m Camo and I love to play hide and seek, it’s one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.. Sometimes when I’m outside in the forest, my friends say I’m very hard to find, and that’s pretty cool for me :) Other things that I love to do is to learn about the earth, how to make things from things I find outside. I love to work with my hands. Hope you stop by to say hello…

  • Gnomy's Boo Boo Bear - Forest


    My name is Forest, and I love to be in the forest. Not only do I like to climb the trees, I also like to lay on the ground and watch the trees sway in the wind. Have you ever had the chance to sit all still in a forest and hear the leaves play a special song just for you? It's magical. I hope that you will make me your friend, I can't wait to meet you!

  • Gnomy's Boo Boo Bear - Hope


    Hi there, my name is Hope and I love to travel; I have been to Norway, Iceland, Tahiti, Hawaii, France, Ukraine and many other beautiful places. I love to talk to children just like you, and see what they like to do, the funny thing is that we are so much alike :) One of the things I do everywhere I go is to collect songs in my magical backpack, a special song from the country I visit, it makes me happy to hear how beautiful the different languages sound in a song. I hope you and I can travel to places one of these days.

  • Gnomy's Boo Boo Bear - Ki


    Hi there, My name is Ki, and I love the Hawaiian Islands, Actually my name comes from the Ki plant brought to Hawaii long time ago; The Ki plant was considered sacred, so I guess I’m pretty special just like you… I would love to be your boo-boobear, together we could explore and learn about all kinds of fun things the children in Hawaii likes to do.. Can’t wait to hear from you.. Mahalo.

  • Gnomy's Boo Boo Bear - Pinky


    Hi there! My name is Pinky, and you guessed right, I love the color pink! My bedroom is pink, my comforter on my bed is pink and my favorite toy is a pink unicorn named Magic. I love to bake, I bake cupcakes with pink frosting almost every day, I decorate them with pretty flowers and tasty chocolate sprinkles. I would love to be your special friend. I'm waiting for you!

  • Gnomy's Boo Boo Bear - Saturn


    So happy you stopped by to see me! My name is Saturn and I love the universe. I know all the planets; My dream is to one day travel on a big space shuttle all the way to the moon, wouldn't it be fun to do that together? At nighttime I watch the stars and dream about my trip to the moon. Did you know there is a constellation called The Great Bear? it's really cool. Maybe one day we could look in the night sky and find it together? Hope to be your friend :-)

  • Gnomy's Boo Boo Bear - Sky


    Hi there, I'm Sky, and I love to fly. My best friend is Rave, (who's a raven) and I go for adventure flights with Rave up in the sky almost every day. I sit on Rave's back and we fly far up in the sky. Everything looks so very small from up there. I bet I have even seen your house, maybe one day when you looked out and was wondering what just flew by your window, maybe that was me waving "Hi" to you. I hope to be your friend one day!

  • Gnomy's Boo Boo Bear - Summer


    Hi there! My name is Summer, and yes, my birthday is in the summertime. I love Summer, I love the nice warm breeze; I love laying in the tall green grass and watching the clouds playing games. I know they are saying to each other: "Guess what I am shaped like?" One day I saw a cloud that looked just like a coffee cup. My best friend is a hummingbird named Happi, we have so much fun together. I'm looking forward to meeting you :-)

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    For every purchase of a special Boo Boo Bear and a copy of "A Little Different All Perfect" we will donate 35% of the sale to help Gayle with her medical bills in this fight against cancer.

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