Gnomy's Boo Boo Bears

Gnomy's Boo Boo Bears are natural hand painted 100% magical batik fabric so each Boo Boo Bear is unique. Boo Boo Bears are all natural, reusable and great for both heat and cold therapy. But Boo Boo Bears do not like water, not at all!

Gnomy’s Boo Boo Bear – Summer

by on March 7, 2012

Gnomy's Boo Boo Bear - Summer

Hi there! My name is Summer, and yes, my birthday is in the summertime. I love Summer, I love the nice warm breeze; I love laying in the tall green grass and watching the clouds playing games. I know they are saying to each other: "Guess what I am shaped like?" One day I saw a cloud that looked just like a coffee cup. My best friend is a hummingbird named Happi, we have so much fun together. I'm looking forward to meeting you :-)


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